It started with an question: are we living a healthy life right now? The simple answer: no. We were even eating pizza, pasta and cheese bread sticks in a local fastfood while discussing this idea. For us, hitting any fitness goal is a long long way from the finish line.

We have planned several fitness challenges before: jogging, marathon, zumba, and even Crossfit. But, at that moment, we have achieved nothing. Yet. That’s when we realized this isn’t just our problem. Many people out there are facing the same challenges as we did: the motivation to be fit and live a healthier lifestyle.

Over the course of that dinner, we decided to create a blog. We will be documenting our lives as we change our sedentary days to becoming fit and living a healthy lifestyle. We will start from zero and see how our lives will be changed if we act on it.

We continued the discussion that night over the internet. We brainstormed several, almost countless names but all of them are already taken. We were frustrated how to find that unique name online. Then we figured out that “Almost Fit Ninja” is still available and it best described our journey. We wanted to be fit (yes, almost there!) and we’ll ninja our way to get that healthy body!

We challenge everyone reading this blog to join our fitness challenges and together let’s live a healthier life!

Are you ready to be an “Almost Fit Ninja?”