Fitness Buddy Spotlight: Rome Nicolas

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I never thought that Rome and I would become close, much less fitness buddies. As members of the Cebu Blogging Community, our encounters were mostly hi and hello during events and an occasional movie meetup. Eventually we became spontaneous movie buddies.

That EXTRA in Extravert

My first impression of Rome is that he’s an extrovert. At events, he was always either speaking to people or speaking in front on the stage. I felt like he was a social butterfly that never ran out of energy nor things to say. He still claims he’s an introvert though and has now declared himself to be an ambivert.

I just found out recently that he has a LOT of extracurricular activities. In fact, a lot sounds like an understatement. Rome is very active in several organizations like being chairperson of Cebu Content Creators, a member of the Google Business Group and has been a speaker to several events.

Ready Set Go!

When we started our #ProjectPalamiProject (for real this time), we decided to weigh in so we would know what our goals are. Mine was 114 pounds at 5”4 and my BMI fell in the normal range. Rome’s was a little more challenging.

He started at 180 pounds at 5’8”. His BMI says he’s overweight and borderline obese. Not a very good prognosis but the thing is he was willing to work off the excess weight. Even if that meant waking up at 6am in the morning to hike from JY to Marco Polo or running in Ayala.

Running Buddies

Since starting #ProjectPalami in October last year, Rome and I have joined 3 fun runs. The first run was the UP Uphill Challenge where we covered 6 KM in 45 minutes. I wasn’t sure we would be able to hit that target time but surprisingly we did because we ran more than we walked.

The second run was the milo marathon where we only ran 5 KM since weren’t confident yet about trying the 10 KM distance. For this run, I walked since I injured my foot a week before the marathon so this time around, Rome and I didn’t finish together.

Last February 4, we joined the 7 Eleven, our first run for 2018. This was our first long distance run and the only reason we joined was because we won a free race kit for the 10K buddy run. The funny thing was even through we didn’t practice, we finished at 1:36, which was only 6 minutes over our target time of 1:30.

Fitness Challenge Accepted

I knew that running would not be enough. That we should try other things so in February, I gave Rome an ultimatum. He had to try another activity and he finally agreed to try yoga for two weeks. He availed of the new to yoga package in Yogahub which costs only 15 yoga sessions for only 500.

If 500 for 15 sessions sound cheap, you might ask, what’s the catch? The catch is that the 15 sessions are only valid for 15 days straight. You can however do double classes in a day if you want to complete as many classes as you can.

Rome wasn’t able to consume all 15 sessions but he nearly did. I’m proud of the fact that he made an effort to attend classes even if I couldn’t go with him. He also ended up liking yoga but found the packages a little too expensive to continue at the moment.

Almost Fit Ninja

Almost Fit Ninja

We haven’t decided on what other challenges we will be trying next for Almost Fit Ninja yet but for now we’re going back to running. I’m also doing yoga and might do trekking and swimming soon. Also in the plans is reviewing healthy meals and interviewing fitness gurus.

What other challenges do you think we should try and include in our year long plans to help us achieve our fitness goals? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comment section.

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Camille is a copywriter ninja who wishes to be stronger, healthier with better stamina and endurance. She spends majority of her time at work sitting, which is not very healthy. She started yoga a couple of months ago but lacks consistency. She has yet to master the “chaturanga”. She has also done a couple of fun runs but with no clear goals or target personal record. She aims to accomplish a year long (or more) fitness challenge and is dragging Rome into it so they can stick to their goals.

2 thoughts on “Fitness Buddy Spotlight: Rome Nicolas

  1. Hey, do you guys regularly run in ayala every morning? Would be fun to join some time! I’ve always wanted to improve my lifestyle (since i actually sit all day long in front of a laptop). Great content! Looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Thanks, Roselle!

      Abellana is our usual jogging place after work (because of the rubber mats). Perhaps we can also have some meetups in the coming weeks/months! We’ll let you know.

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