New Year’s Resolution By Millennials: Having Fitness Goals

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Do you want to be fit this 2018?

Even during these few days of the year, I’ve seen several health-related fitness posts from my millennial friends. They’re brave enough to share their New Year’s resolutions on social media. Do they realize that after a few months they might regret posting these? Well, I still hope they continue what they’ve started and ended up being successful with their fitness goals.

I asked my online friends if they’re want to join the #ProjectPalami fitness challenge. Luckily many of them are planning to. I understand that it’s easy to plan but they need the motivation to start doing and achieving their fitness goals.

Since it’s 2018, I interviewed 18 of my millennial friends who are either graduating or have recently graduated from the university. Like me, they have also experienced body changes and realized they can still do something to live a healthier lifestyle.

I asked them two questions: (1) do you have any fitness-related plans this 2018? and (2) why do you want to be fit?

My fellow fitness ninjas, check out their (hopefully) inspiring answers:


Aldrin Floyd / Electrical Engineering Graduate at CIT-U

I want to stay fit and healthy and make it a lifestyle.

I realize I’m not getting younger anymore and I want to stay active as I grow older.


Aldrin Jake Suan / Designer at Blueberry Digital Labs

I want to keep myself physically and mentally fit. I plan to eat nutritious food and do regular exercise this 2018.

Last year, I’ve been overworking until weekends. I lacked the interest to do physical activities like hiking and biking. I prioritized design tasks over my fitness. Then I noticed I gained weight last month. I want to reset my daily routine this year. This is what drives me to change my lifestyle.


Ardiane Facundo / AB Political Science Student at USC

I like to think of 2017 as the year I’m done with all the bullshit. So, naturally, 2018 should be the year I’d work on myself more. And it’s a work in progress, nobody ever said it would be easy to slowly build and love yourself while also throwing away all the toxins of the year that came by.

Health is the best investment and I think to start that investment, it has to have that foundation built to last. Being fit could ultimately provide that necessary foundation, which is why it’s one of my primary goals this year.


Christopher Climaco / Pre-Med Student at Southwestern University

My plan this 2018 is to have a healthy lifestyle and gain the right body shape proportionate to my age.

Since I’m a medical student, I have to stay fit and healthy to become a good example since I want to tell my patients to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle.


Frances Marie Teves / Software Engineer at Kyocera

This 2018, I will have fewer food trips and more exercise!

I’m doing this to be healthy since the older we get, the harder it is to lose weight and be fit.


Franchette Camoro / Full-stack Developer at Symph

This year, I will give more focus to my passion projects compared to last year which is going to be healthy and doing meaningful things.

I’ve always been underweight so I want to gain some muscle and a bit of fat. Also, I want to be generally fit so I can be in my optimal state when doing things physically, thus I can do more. Also, I guess to have a good quality of life!


Isa Mariam Sarmiento / Fresh Graduate at UP Cebu

Well, I’m hoping to lose weight this year.

As a girl, gaining more weight means I need to shop for new clothes. The bigger I become, the more difficult it is for me to choose the right outfit for me. Also, gaining more weight made me lazier than I already was.


Jullian Sibi / Software Design Engineer at NEC

I’m planning to lose my visceral fats this 2018!

I want to be fit because I want to be able to move around a lot and gain more energy for my #2018goals!


Keene Albert Tan / Nissan Marketing Professional

I will make time for exercise at least three times a week despite the hectic schedule combined with a better meal plan. That’s it!

Simple: I want to look good and feel good.


Loreen Cui / Admin Staff at Native Camp

Here are my plans: Eat healthily. Fruits and veggies, even though I still hate them. Home exercise before and after work. Let’s see!

I’m doing this because I want to gain weight and release stress. Also, I want to get my abs back!


Maurice Jitty Villaester / Part-time Instructor at CTU Barili

I am currently following this app called Home Workout and Lose Weight for the next 30 days. Since I’m living at home, I asked my mother to cook me more vegetables. Wish me luck!

Because I am starting to feel something bad in my body. I don’t wanna die young!


Mimi Gonzales / Freelance Content Writer and Designer

This 2018, I plan to be active again and control my eating habits so I could achieve a healthier lifestyle. Being a food blogger sometimes push me into inevitable situations like over- and mindless eating. I also live a sedentary lifestyle since I’m a freelancer and a student. There’s not much room for a workout, but I plan to be active as much as I can and eat healthily.

It may sound weird, but I want to be fit so I would look good in clothes that I like. Insecurity eats me up all the time. I definitely feel sad whenever I wear my favorite clothes and not fit into them anymore.


Novee Dumanig / Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at DWSD

I will focus on my Master’s degree, family, healthy lifestyle, save more and travel to the places where my heart rests. Chos!

For health reasons, I’m taking the healthy lifestyle challenge.


Sheena Litang / Software Developer at Sprobe Inc.

I plan to achieve a slimmer waistline since last year I gained a lot of weight.

I wanna be a healthier sexier version of me.


Shireen Kaye Samson / ESL Teacher at Golden Great Peak English Inc.

I’m planning to enroll myself in a gym and have a balanced diet.

To have more confidence in my physical appearance! I need to be fit because my lifestyle is already unhealthy and my work is basically sitting for how many hours in the office.


Vernon Go / Content Creator on Business and Finance

I plan to run more outdoors since it’s cheap and has a lot of sights and fresh air.
I plan to be consistent with Muay Thai fitness regimen.
I also hope to take swimming lessons one of these days.
Of course, I will explore the great outdoors!

Physical Fitness is important to me:
– it helps keep my mind sharp, and being active gives me a lot of energy
– health is wealth, we have only one body #yolo
– helps in exploring the outdoors
– I want to see myself lean coz I’ve always been fluffy


Von Bayutas / Customer Service at Author Solutions, Inc.

My fitness-related plan includes maintaining a 1200 calorie daily diet, no more public transportation going to work so that I can have daily walk or jog. And, of course, having a cheat day once a weekend!

Because a sexy hourglass silhouette is a nice image!


Wellbein Borja / Software Tester at NCR

To work out and gain weight. That is my main goal!

I wanted to be fit because it is an avenue for me to avoid sickness. I need to be fit for my own good (mainly health-related issues). Being fit means being healthy.


Join Us, Fellow Ninja

How about you, fellow fitness ninja: what’s your fitness-related plan this 2018? Leave your personal healthy lifestyle challenge in the comment section below!

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Rome is an effeminate ninja who wishes to lose his belly fats. He has been living a sedentary lifestyle since he graduated from college. He planned to take numerous fitness challenges but none succeeded so far. When he got his fitness band, he started to monitor how many steps he's taking each day. His goal is to take on a fitness challenge and become a healthier millennial who doesn't worry about his belly fats anymore. Abs are not required. Just a healthier, stronger, and toned body will do.

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