How I Started My Personal Fitness Challenge Called #ProjectPalami

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At only 25 years old, I’m almost obese.

If you recently saw me, you might not be able to believe that I used to be a lanky teenager back in high school and college. I’m nowhere near to the skinny body I used to have. I used to take the stairs and walk for several kilometers in the past. But when I realized the amount of sweating and panting while doing these activities now, I knew I was done being overweight.

That’s the realization I needed to get fit.

If until now I hadn’t made the first move to accept the fitness challenge with Camille during the last few months of 2017, I wouldn’t have been able to lose 5 kilograms (11 pounds). Previously 81 kilos, I now weigh 76 kilos. Amazing, right?

From a movie buddy, Camille has become my partner-in-crime for #ProjectPalami, my personal fitness challenge to lose weight. This gave birth to Almost Fit Ninja: a healthy lifestyle challenge we are taking!

The Birth of #ProjectPalami

You might be wondering what is #ProjectPalami or what does ‘palami’ even mean! It’s a Cebuano word for yummy but usually used with a sexual undertone. A yummy body, for a lot of people, would mean a guy with six-pack abs. For #ProjectPalami, my main goal is for me to be healthy and to have a fit body, but not necessarily with abs. Being leaner with no bulging belly is enough.

I started doing #ProjectPalami around the middle of last year. That was when I started regularly checking my weighing scale and posting several Facebook updates as a way for me to motivate myself. A few weeks later, several people have started their own #ProjectPalami fitness journey.

Interestingly, Cebu is that island in the Philippines where most people know each other. I got some messages if my friends could use the hashtag and I find it funny because I don’t own the #ProjectPalami hashtag. I just enjoy using it and I encouraged my friends to do the same if they want to.

My Goal This 2018

It’s true that for some people the most effective way for them to lose weight is when they change their diet. Choosing the right kind of food will greatly affect metabolism and bad fat intake. But if you can’t make an immediate change to your diet, doing exercise on a regular basis is recommended.

Are you spending 8-hours a day in the office? Make sure to take some breaks, stand up, and walk around to burn calorie intake. But sometimes this isn’t enough. This is where #ProjectPalami comes in. After years of recycling the same New Year’s Resolution about my weight, I’ve finally started taking action in the middle of 2017.

This 2018, let me be clear with my personal goal: by the end of the year, I will have a fit body.

5 Reasons to Take on a Fitness Challenge

If you are considering to take the fitness challenge this 2018, that’s a good start. Here are a few reasons that pushed me to take the #ProjectPalami fitness challenge, which might be true for you, too.

  1. I’m Done Being Overweight

As an overweight borderline obese person, I now understand the risks of having this kind of figure. If I gain more weight and become obese, it will be more difficult for me to do physical activities and I can’t imagine myself saying no to these adrenaline-pumping experiences that I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. If I can go back to having a normal BMI, I will be more fit to go on more adventures with my friends.

  1. I Need A Confidence Boost

This #ProjectPalami fitness challenge is a journey I’m excited about. I already made a few steps and seeing the results motivates me to do more. Surely if I will be able to achieve my goal by the end of the year I will be more confident to talk about my journey to my friends and inspire them to go on their own fitness journey.

  1. I Can’t Afford To Be Sick

Getting sick is a major problem in the Philippines. The public health care system is poor and getting a medical treatment from private establishments is just expensive. It is true that you can prevent physical illnesses by being fit and having a healthy lifestyle. If I end up becoming obese and maintaining an overweight status, I will be more prone to these diseases that I can’t afford to get.

  1. I Want To Have Fun

Doing the #ProjectPalami fitness journey is both exciting and challenging. It encourages me to go beyond what I can do and since I regularly enjoy challenges, I’m having fun while doing this. Having a fitness buddy like Camille is a blessing. Not only is she pushing me to do more, she understands that sometimes I’m just a kid wanting to have some oatmeal bars or healthy bread to motivate me.

  1. I Can Meet Like-Minded People

Being Camille’s friend and fitness buddy is the biggest twist that I had back in 2017. With her, I kept on doing #ProjectPalami fitness challenge. This 2018, I’m excited to meet more people who agree that regular exercise and doing it with like-minded people will make it more fun!

Moving On with #ProjectPalami

Yes, #ProjectPalami has just started. Almost Fit Ninja has only just begun.

While I can, I need to maintain a fit body and good health. This can only be done if I overhaul my daily lifestyle. This means a radical change in diet and more physical activities. For now, #ProjectPalami fitness journey will be a good start.

My fitness buddy Camille has been supportive of this personal challenge. She encouraged and joined me in following a jogging schedule last October. She convinced me to join the UP Cebu Anniversary Run (6KM) and Milo National Marathon (5KM). I will discuss more of this experience in another blog post.

For now here’s my challenge to all: do you want to join this #ProjectPalami fitness journey with us?

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Rome is an effeminate ninja who wishes to lose his belly fats. He has been living a sedentary lifestyle since he graduated from college. He planned to take numerous fitness challenges but none succeeded so far. When he got his fitness band, he started to monitor how many steps he's taking each day. His goal is to take on a fitness challenge and become a healthier millennial who doesn't worry about his belly fats anymore. Abs are not required. Just a healthier, stronger, and toned body will do.

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