How We Survived Our First 10KM Run Without Any Training

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Ever since Sinulog disrupted our weekly jogging routine at Abellana, my fitness buddy Rome and I decided to put on fun runs on the back burner. It also made sense since he committed to a 15-day straight yoga challenge at Yogahub Raintree Mall. I didn’t know that our first fun run for 2018 would be 10 KM. Did I mention that we didn’t have any prior training?

How Our First Run for 2018 Was Decided

Last February 2, after I had beginners class with my yoga buddy Chesca, I got a message from Rome saying we had to take a picture at 7 Eleven. Nature Spring Water was giving away 100 10KM buddy race kits and he wanted us to join the contest.

When I found out that the race was on Feb 4, Sunday, I told Rome, “Are you crazy? We didn’t even train for this.” He replied, “I just want the free singlets.” Our slot was a sure win since there were only about 4-5 participants in the giveaway contest.

After thinking about it, I decided we should join. After all, it would be a waste not to use the race kits we won and they were expensive. We did agree that we wouldn’t push ourselves so hard and since it was a buddy run, “walang iwanan”. We got more than we bargained for.

5 Things That Helped Us Survive Our First 10KM Run without Training

1. Continuous Physical Activity

Even though Rome and I had stopped jogging at abellana, we didn’t stop moving. We were doing yoga and walking everywhere. Rome would clock in at least 10,000 steps everyday while I did 7,000 steps. We added even more steps never mind if our legs were sore after the 10KM run.

2. Conserving Energy

Rome and I knew if we ran a lot at a distance we were not used to, we would be expending a lot of energy. If we were not careful, we would end up draining ourselves and dragging our feet back to the finish line. Majority of the time, we brisk walked and only jogged at intersections with traffic lights. We finished way under the cut off time of 2 hours.

3. Hydrate

When you’re covering 10KM, you’ll be sure to sweat a lot even if you’re not running. I swear I was sweating buckets while brisk walking with Rome. So we made sure to hydrate every time there was a water station. There’s a huge distance between these so make sure you grab a cup, even if you only drink half of it.

4. Nonstop Brisk Walking

The cut off time for the 10KM run was actually 2 hours. But Rome and I set a goal of finishing earlier. We tried to set the goal to 1:30 or an hour and a half just like the cut off the 10KM run in the milo marathon. Even though we were just brisk walking, we didn’t stop. We would slow down by the water stations then speed up after.

We didn’t quite meet our goal but we finished at 1:36, which isn’t bad. This means with a little training, we can definitely make it to the 10KM milo marathon this year.

5. Time Check

Another thing that helped us survive our first ever 10KM run was by being conscious of the time. We would check every so often how many minutes we have left to get back to the finish line. When we clocked in at 52 minutes at the 10KM turning point, we did the math. It took us 10 minutes to finish per kilometer.

We knew that if we kept up our steady pace, we would be at the finish line with a time of 1:40. We did better and finished 4 minutes earlier than our expected ETA.

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Camille is a copywriter ninja who wishes to be stronger, healthier with better stamina and endurance. She spends majority of her time at work sitting, which is not very healthy. She started yoga a couple of months ago but lacks consistency. She has yet to master the “chaturanga”. She has also done a couple of fun runs but with no clear goals or target personal record. She aims to accomplish a year long (or more) fitness challenge and is dragging Rome into it so they can stick to their goals.

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